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What is Occupational Testing?

Occupational testing is testing designed to measure potential ability or actual proficiency in a given occupation.

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Occupational Health testing made simple

Drug Testing

A test performed to find out whether or not an individual has specific illegal and/or recreational drugs in their system. We can do express test or lab test via hair, urine or saliva.

Pulmonary Function Testing

This testing evaluates the performance of an individual’s lungs.


DNA Paternity

We are a collection site for DNA/paternity testing.

Alcohol Testing

A breath test determines the presence of alcohol in someone’s system. This service is performed using the Phoenix 6.0 breathalyzer device.

Hearing Tests

As a “Worksafe BC” approved facility you can get your yearly audio tests done through us and covered by Worksafe.

Nurse Medicals

Our nurse will evaluate the donor’s vitals as well as their physical ability to perform certain tasks.

Same-Day Service

An express drug test yields results the same-day it is performed on the donor. These results are sent out minutes after the donor leaves the building.

DOT & Non DOT Testing

Lab-Based drug testing falls under two different categories. The first is DOT (Department of Transportation) which is held to a higher standard as many of the people tested under these parameters transport precious cargo across the US/CANADA border. NON-DOT covers express testing as well as everything else going to laboratory.

16_ 24 hour call center

24/7 Emergency Testing

Sherlock’s can be reached at any time regarding Post-Accident/Post-Incident situations. We are here to make sure that people are tested when they need to be tested.

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